Signing boot images for fastboot

If you have ever seen the error FAILED (remote: bootimage: incomplete or not signed), here’s the solution (at least for the Fairphone 2 😉):

Download the BootSignature.jar file from my server (or compile it yourself from the LineageOS 14.1 tree with the command mka BootSignature).

curl -O

Download the make_key tool from the LineageOS GitHub.

curl -O

Make the script executable

chmod +x make_key
Generate the key with
./make_key keystore '/C=US/ST=California/L=Mountain View/O=Android/OU=Android/CN=Android/'
Put the BootSignature.jar, keystore.pk8 and keystore.x509.pem in a directory of your choice.

Put the following script into a location in the PATH (~/bin or /usr/local/bin should be good) and replace the first variable with the location you put the three files in:




if [ ! -n "$1" ]; then
  echo "Usage: $0 <file.img>"
  exit 1

java -jar $KEYSTORE_TOOLS/BootSignature.jar /boot $IMGFILE $KEYSTORE_TOOLS/keystore.pk8 $KEYSTORE_TOOLS/keystore.x509.pem $IMGFILE.signed
Don’t forget to make that script executable! (chmod +x)

Now you can use the script to sign your images and then boot it

sign_img boot.img && fastboot boot boot.img.signed

Have fun!

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